All-Inclusive Tradional Hamam Services: 55 Euros per person

  • A lockable private changing room
  • Wrap Towel (Peshtamal) and shorts for men
  • Bra and Shorts for women
  • Wooden hamam slippers (Takunya)
  • Wrap and dry towels
  • A 35-40 min hot room session (at a temperature range of 38 to 40 degrees celsius)
  • Personal masseur services: full body peeling, soap washing and soap massage
  • The entire hamam experience will last up to 90 minutes.
  • Enjoy your free soft drinks.

Also, please note that:

* Payment is cash only.
* You can pay in Turkish Lira, Euro or Dollar
* There will be no refunds for reserved sessions.
* Tips for your masseurs are customary (usually 10 %) but not included in the base hamam fee.

Please see our reservation page for updated prices.

About the Suleymaniye Hamam

Our Suleymaniye Hamam was designed and built between 1550 and 1557 by the famous Ottoman architect Sinan who designed over four hundred buildings during his lifetime, the hamam being one of his most famous works. Sinan was also the architect of, another famous Istanbul  landmark, the Sulaymaniye Mosque. The hamam is over 471 years old and was a regular stop for the Ottoman Sultan Suleyman, and many sultans after him, where they had designated quarters.

Hamam rules and Instructions

You may take off your clothes, wrist watch, earring, necklace and place them in one of our private dressing room lockers. We provide women with a bikini and shorts and men with a bath towel (Peştemal). The key to your private dressing room will remain on your wrist at all times while you enjoy your Hamam experience.Please be aware that our Hamam caters exclusively to couples and serves both male and female clients simultaneously.

The hamam experience in three steps

1 You will start your journey through the hamam at the hot room. This is a necessary first step. In the hot room, you will lie on a warm marble slab in the center ( Göbektasi ) for about 35-40 minutes. This will allow your body to relax, sweat and release many toxins. The hot room is kept at a temperature ranging between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius. And 65 % - 72 % humidity . Please be cognizant of your own health; If you have any health conditions that might be aggravated by heat, Kindly inform us before entering the hamam. 

2 In the second step after your time on the marble slab, our specialized staff will call you by your hotel name and proceedto give you a full body exfoliation (peeling) followed by a soap massage and a whole body washing. Please note that all of the masseurs at the Suleymaniye Hamam are male. 

3 Finally, after you have thoroughly washed and changed your towels, you will move on to the cooling room where you can rest and relax. Enjoy your free soft drinks here.

Also, please note that:

It is strictly not allowed to take pictures or videos at the hamam washing area.