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All-Inclusive Tradional Hamam Services: 55 Euros per person

  • A lockable private changing room
  • Wrap Towel (Peshtamal) and shorts for men
  • Bra and Shorts for women
  • Wooden hamam slippers (Takunya)
  • Wrap and dry towels
  • A 35-40 minutes hot room session
  • Personal masseur services: full body peeling, soap washing and soap massage
  • The entire hamam experience will last up to 90 minutes.
  • Enjoy your free soft drinks.

Also, please note that:

* Payment is cash only.
* You can pay in Turkish Lira, Euros or Dollars
* There will be no refunds for reserved sessions.
* Tips for your masseurs are customary (usually 10 %) but not included in the base hamam fee.

Please see our reservation page for updated prices.

Our reservation Cancelation policy :

Your reservation will be automatically canceled if you are;
Being late to your appointment 15 min. without informing us only by email.

Note: We reserve all the rights to refuse any services for below reasons;
- any fraudulent or suspicious activity and wrong information provided while making  reservation .

 Thanks for your cooperation!  

Yes, You have to make reservation in advance. 
Make reservation now.

The hamam has always been heated only by natural oak wood fires. Since 1550 for 24 Hours

No . You can pay only with cash (Turkish Lira, Euro and Dollar). Note: We do not accept credit cards.

We provide everything. If preffered, you can bring your own bathing suit.

We are only open everyday for couples & families from 10:00 and 22:00 the last entry is 21:00. 

(For Couples / Families) Everyday: 10:00 – 22:00  - Last Entry is 21:00

(For Ladies / Women Only Temporarily Closed) Every Sunday Morning 07:00 - 09:00

(For Gentlemen / Men Only) Every Morning 07:00-09:00 Except Sundays

Yes, they are all very well trained.

The entire hammam experience will last up to 90 minutes.

We are open everyday (include weekends) from 10:00 and 22:00 the last entry is 21:00. 

Yes we are open everyday. 7 days a week .(Holidays,Christmas,Easter-Paskalya.. etc)

Our services are not suitable for kids younger than 16 years old.  
We only accept +16 years old visitors into the hamam.

We recommend up to 2 months  of pregnancy is ok.  Please consult to your doctor for details .

Yes there are hair dryers. You can use free of charge.

It is located in a 472 year historical building desinged by the famous architect Sinan. You can feel that time is back to the Ottoman period, when you take a bath here.