History of Suleymaniye Hamam

Suleymaniye Turkish Bath 1557 Suleiman the magnificent had this bath built in 1557. Being a part of great Kulliye of Suleymaniye, the architect of this bath is Mimar Sinan. There is a private lodge that belongs to Suleiman the Magnificent in this work which Mimar Sinan himself called it a work that belongs to his “ assistant architect period. It is known also as Dokmeci Turkish Bath since it was located near the foundry (dökmeci) ateliers during the Ottoman period. Rumour has it that there was a “ bowl of icterus “ which was lost after being used for ages. According to belief, those who get washed with this bowl were cured. Suleymaniye Turkish Bath is one of the nicest baths of Istanbul with its domes and geometrically aligned chimneys. There are eight marble coloms surrounding the central massage stone. The bath that was closed in 1924 was renovated and recommenced serving in the year 2004.